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Tiny Trunk Show Holiday Jubilee

This holiday season, Sylvan Starlight Creations has many unique and delightful gifts to enchant everyone on your list!! (maybe even something for YOU)


Each weekend in November & December, our wonderful artists will share some extra unique gifts to make YOUR holiday gift giving even more special!

See below for a list of November trunk show dates:

November Trunk Shows

Heidi Spadter has been a jeweler/metalsmith for over 20 years, and she currently practices in New York’s Hudson Valley.  She established Karhu Moon in 2004, following her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Her work consists primarily of sterling silver and semi-precious stones, with the occasional copper, brass, or bronze elements.  Strongly reminiscent of the ebb and flow of water, her swirl pieces are sinuous expressions of movement.  She also creates one of a kind figures, from goddesses to devils, usually holding a semi-precious stone in offering or with a carved bone face representing the celestial.  Her people are universally happy, hand drawn and cut with big smiles.

Heidi Spadter

Saturday, November 2, 2019


My latest pieces are part of a series on mental health, neurodevelopmental issues and the many layers and connections that accompany them .How easy it is to get stuck and not be able to move ahead . The energy and power of many ideas as all neurons fire at once in the creative,  ADHD , and ASD brains. The balance between being gifted and disabled.The complications of lifting up the layers to try and figure out a correct diagnosis’. The light among the chaos and the mourning of expectations verses facing reality. 

    In both my painting and jewelry work I explore these issues and the mindfulness needed to survive these experiences through the use of surface textures. Making art is a process of meditation and reflection for me regardless of the media in which I am currently working. 

Heidi Connorton

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019


Hi, my name is Doug Schneider.  I am a teacher who always had a fascination with stained glass. I find the art and sciece to be so interesting and complex.  So I took a class and was sold that was 20 years ago. Now I enjoy creating stained glass art in the form of lanterns and all the challenges that go with completing a lantern.

Doug Schneider

Sunday, November 10, 2019



As our lives get more and more complicated and as the world gets crazier and everything seems to make less and less sense,we need to reconnect with the magic and fantasy that's within us all.The mystical dreams that were part of our childhoods are all too quickly lost.

My art recreates the wonder that just dreaming makes real.. I hope my art can bring a smile to your face and make you forget about the real word for a bit ,we all need a little magic and sparkle in our lives !

Donna Antonucci

Saturday, November 16th, 2019



Assemblage sculptures and other such creations, blending the sacred, the everyday, and the humorous. Such is the life of an assemblage artist, there is a raft of materials stocked in my studio for future assemblage art works. Collected from junk yards, second-hand shops, antique shops and curbside castaways. You never know when something will be just the right item to compliment the piece you are working on at the time.  

I love to sit and sort my stash of found objects into various containers. i have jars containing all sorts of things – board game pieces, doll parts, small toys, and on and on. Most of these things I may never use in my art works, yet the satisfaction of finding and possessing them is essential to my creative process.

Nancy Radzik

Saturday, November 16th, 2019



I am a local artist who grew up in Rochester, NY.  I have been engaged in the creative arts my entire life and began handcrafting jewelry in 2004.  While jewelry is my featured handicraft, I am also involved in acrylic painting, mixed media and fiber arts.  My jewelry and art are both rustic and whimsical, in the folk art tradition.

Ginny Campbell

Sunday, November 17th, 2019



My art reflects my life-it’s complicated! I have a love for all artistic ways
and means. Because of that, my work is all over the style,
medium and intent. I look at that as a strength, not a weakness! I have
a Master’s Degree in Fine Art, and have been an exhibiting artist for
over 48 years. I now teach art privately and do portrait commissions as
well as Master’s reproductions and my own, original work, whatever

form that may take!

Jodie Traugott

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019



I read an article in 2009 written by a British photographer whose
name I do not recall in which he said the following.
Photographers do something really special. They capture special
moments in time probably never to happen again and preserve
these special memories for the owners to view at any time they
choose which help bring them back to visualize that very special
memory. Will people continue to want this service I think so.
As far as I am concerned helping to preserve peoples memories of
events that will probably never be repeated is a very special and
important job.

William Norton

Sunday, November 24th, 2019



I am a ceramic artist who works from my own studio in my home. I love experimenting with different clays, glazes and building techniques. All my items are pretty much one of a kind, I am not a production potter, each piece is created with care. Unique but similar items can be found but I find I am always evolving the process & colors. I primarily create functional items such as mugs, platters, cups, cooking dishes, spoon rests. But my love for nature has found me expanding into creating garden décors such as chimes, bells, birdhouses, birdbaths, leaf platters & wall art created with impressions from flora I find on my property.

Susan Weiner

Sunday, November 24th, 2019



Renée Schuls-Jacobson graduated from William Smith in 1989 with a major in English. An educator for nearly two decades, her life was going along as planned, until she experienced a brain injury after withdrawing too quickly from an anti-anxiety medication prescribed by her doctor. 

While disabled by a withdrawal syndrome that is still not widely recognized by doctors, a new persona emerged. RASJACOBSON started painting, using social media to tell people what she was going through ~ and to show them her work. Amazingly, she has became a bit of a lightning rod, connecting with individuals who confess they, too, feel weighted down by the invisible obstacles in their lives. Inspired by their stories, a colorful collective of characters -- looking happy & sad & hopeful, all at once – began to appear in her work.

Six years later, RASJACOBSON has recovered from “accidental addiction.” An independent artist, teacher & anti-drug activist, she uses her art to educate the public – and doctors, especially – about the dangers of long-term psychotropic drug use.

RASJacobson Art

Saturday, November 30th, 2019


by Sylvan Starlight Creations